Thursday, November 19, 2009


 Last week I spotted this pair of killer boots on They were exactly what I was looking for; closed toe, bootie height [with a wide ankle opening ; ], gold embellished and had a webbed heel, but the price was just outside of what I'm comfortable spending on heels. [I barely wear heels, they hurt, and I usually scuff the hell out of 'em, so I figure I shouldn't invest so much right now.] I couldn't stop thinking about theses shoes, though, and we all know that is the true sign you love a piece of clothing. So, I decided to swing by the L.E.S. dolce vita store to have an in person look. I pretty much knew I was setting myself up to spend more than I should, but there was also that slim chance that the boots could look fugly in person and I would be relieved of my money spending dilemma. Since the above pic was taken in my house, it's safe to say the boots were not ugly in person, but I did get a discount! Turns out that I walked into the store on the first day of their friends and family week and received 25% off my purchase! Don't you love it when things work out like that?! Ladies, I definitely recommend checking the website or store out. Dolce Vita has a nice range of bad ass shoes [especially high boots] that are right on trend and fit a variety of personalities. The promotion ends this Tuesday the 24th.

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