Sunday, November 1, 2009


A recommended watch while you nurse your Halloween hangover.
Run Time: 1 hour

I love his weird ass even more after watching this. I hold with me, a few sitiments I wish to share:

No 1. Fav quote: "I'm crying tears of fashion"

No 2.  I NEED TO GO TO JAPAN!!!!!! First Baby mary's store and now mos' shopping spree! Why does the universe tease me like this! I think I will just work like a slave for a year to go over there and shop. I woudl probably last a month and then run out of money. I wonder if I would want to come home. I've stayed in some dope countries and always was happy to, eventually, come back to America.

No 3. is MOS BURGER, really his shit?

No 4. Another favorite quote: "... but I'm more scared to not try... love what you love..."

put on by the hommie d. doug

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