Sunday, November 15, 2009


Do you love Dirty Money? I love Dirty Money! The whole one guy two girls dynamic hasn't been done in a while and it provides Diddy with a vehicle to reinvent himself and shine some light on new artists.  He manages to remain the focal point of the group since he has established fame and is the only guy but, in some unexpected way, the limelight becomes balanced by the ladies' noticeably eccentric style and male sex appeal [that Diddy just can't compete with unless he grew a booty and some boobs]. I also just like their daym swag.  Kalenna and Dawn Richard are usually dripping with oversized acessories, masculain, structed tops, tight pants, and heels. Diddy is dressed to complement them and they all stand tall like bosses. The trio sort of reminds me of a pimp with his female bodygards that look sexy but can kick your ass.

ha ha ha


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