Thursday, November 12, 2009


Last night I had the chance to check Ghost out at B.B. Kings in Times Square. The crowd was thick with die hard Wu/ Ghostface Killa fans and ladies represented spitting lyrics word for word right next to the dudes. Ghost and his hype men game out in maroon and yellow [I couldn't tell if they planned that], Ghost wearing a Champion pullover, pocketed Pelle Pelle leather and Yankees fitted. He was on stage for a little over an hour, performed verses from about 20 songs and still didn't cover half his classics [there is just that many]. When he asked "what yall want?" people screamed out stuff from Iron man, Supreme Clientele, Bulletproof Wallets, Pretty Toney, Big Doe Rehab, and Ghostdini PLUS material from Wu Tang Clan albums. Ghostface Killa's energy was incredible. For sure one of my favorite rappers and apparently one of Ultramagnetic MCs' too.

Real regogizes real:
Ultramagnetic MC's got on stage and gave props to Ghost

more live video after jump


Ice Cream

Super GFK

Baby [a capella]

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