Monday, November 2, 2009


Nightline's Cynthia McFadden interviewed Tyra Banks last month September. [daym time flies]

Overall sentiminet of the interview: Tyra was not feeling that biotch and was trying as hard as she could to not show it. Then there was the question, "Why do you think previous model judges talked shit about you" [ I paraphrased] and she replied "I don't know, why do you think?... I interview people too..." HA! I understand she didn't "want to go there" but we all know it's no good to answer a question with a question. Even better McFadden answered! [Way to flip it Tyra.]

In any case the interview does demonstrate the amazing achievements Tyra has accomplished and I totally admire her Boss Lady status.

Like the old adage says "A man is demanding and shrewd, he's a great businessman. A woman is demanding and shrewd, she's a bitch..."

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