Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This video is all over the blogosphere, so why check it out here? To watch it one more time after you read my colorful commentary lovie!

Who ever thought of combining the incredible musical energies of Beyonce and Lady Gaga was genius and the video was tight, but not because the two were in it. Beyonce had an array of amazingly striking looks: the black and white geometrically jeweled two piece with the hold up hand shades [very Lady Gaga], the Bettie Page tribute, and the faux Rihanna [with the hair slicked down to a point and garters] were my favorites. Beyonce also got way more sexual than she usually does, popping, jiggling, grabbing and moaning throughout the video [I wonder if she already knew how to twerk her booty like that or  did a choreographer need to show her]. Lady Gaga's performance was the exact opposite of that, almost like her and B switched images.  Gaga was glammed up to be a pretty woman [the way Beyonce usually is right down to the long, lace front wig] and wore one outfit for the brief time she appeared in the video. No weird headgear, no synthetic wigs, no far out-there costumes. Where did you go Gaga? Then her singing sounded... forced [Sorry Lady!]. She's usually the one moaning and groaning, but in this song she was attempting Divas Live type riffs [confused face]. All in all I love the video [for Beyonce's delicious visuals] and adore the idea of powerful, female pop stars combining forces to be fabulous.


  1. I just love the gum chewing!!!!! There's something about a chick chewing gum hard that makes her look tough! I LOVE IT!!!!! ~Vick

  2. Your post is all the words that i was thinking but couldnt come up with. great description of the video... now what about russion roulette by rihanna.. do spill ur opinion on that.. lol