Friday, February 25, 2011


The third, and most colorful, installment from the Dr Romanelli  X  A Love Movement collaboration.

The pieced patterns of each style cleverly coordinate with the back tag lines. The colorful stripes clearly match the "CHASE RAINBOW" text, but I think the wittiest piece is the vest with the pin stripes and the words "INVEST NOW" on the back. Every suit in Wall Street needs one.  The witty repartee continues in the patches. Besides being ridiculously funny, they are a sign of design opulence. Sportswear seldom produces trims that can only be used for one style in a collection. Here, patches are custom quoted for each style. So cool and totally worth what ever they are selling them for. 

Available at Maxfield in LA and DEKA Atlanta 

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have a natural born affinity for boyish outfits on pretty, cool, girls. Just the other day I saw a photo from  like '96 with a girl in a baggy, probably BOSS, outfit with her hair in a blond updo, nails done long and a beautiful face. She was posted up, real tough like, next to a car and and I just went crazy over the image. That look why I LOVE women's streetwear. The idea of being just as cool as the boys, and as pretty as a girl in 6" heels is alway in the back of my mind when I design. Amber Rose is thee modern day personification of this styling. Here, she in an ultra masculine ensemble right down to the Tims, but her bangles, huge studs, vintage shades... Oh and her killer curves make it clear that she is a lady. The strappy back pack, appearing again, accentuates her bust and just enough tattoo shows to let you know she's badass.

P.S. Wassup with the dark twin in the back ground?
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Monday, February 14, 2011


The Corazoncita Necklace with Lips and "You Fancy" engravings

The One Love Pendant

Available at


Sunday, February 13, 2011



Riccardo Tisci went H*A*M  and creatively directed the cover for Jay and Kanyne's recent single. My first impression of the artwork was cliche ghetto fabulous. Barking rottweilers, chunky chains, and CROWNS? -Nice try, but I'm far too evolved for that... But the artwork was an extension of the Givenchy Fall Men's Collection [duh] and made much more chic sense after the runway show.


possible peeks into the woman's collection?

mad dog / calm dog

loved the albinos in camel

Inspired by everyday gear men wear on the street Tisci adds value to the pieces with buttery leather, vivid prints [usually hard to achieve on dark colors], small zips, and actual chain details. I particulay love the prints on the flannel, they look "dip printed" and the use of back packs in the styling.