Monday, September 7, 2009


 I haven't seen designers go this hard with sequins since the early 90's!
This Season's Sequin Must Haves:
Fitted Bomber
Boyfriend Blazer
Fitted Pattern Dress
Loose Solid Dress
Over Sized T Shirt
Mini Skirt
Short Bubble or Flare Skirt
Over Sized Tank
Tight Leggings
Solid & Multi Color Pep Toe Pumps
Jeremy Scott Adidas Sequin Shell Toe Mids

While it can be pulled  off, it is not recommended to wear more than one sequin piece at a time.  The best way to rock a sequin number is to balance it with flat solid colors.  That way the sequin piece is the highlight of the outfit and looks special.

To truly master the art of sequin style you should also pay attention to fit.  Intense patterns [like the Topshop dress above] should be worn tight! Less serious sequin patterns [like bold stripes] should be worn with a slightly over sized look. 1 color sequin fabrics can usually go either way, loose or tight, unless it has seaming.  In general pieces with a series of piecings should be worn to lay smooth on the body [with very little blousing], that way the seams look like they sculpt the body.

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