Monday, September 14, 2009


I ran into Cloaks twice on Saturday, so I figured it was a sign I should talk about 'em.  

I have recently been contemplating an outerwear piece that would fit comfortably over dolman sleeves, but I'm not sure I would go as far as a "poncho".... But after looking at these styles, I am thinking why not?

The first time I came across the batty body  was while browsing  The Fader Blog's style section.  Chioma posted an article on this designer, Lindsey Thornburg, who gave up designing dresses for cloaks. The cloaks were dope, but even better were the dead stock fabrics she used. Then I started to picture Lord of the Rings scenes. People with pointed ears rocking floor length cloaks with mud stains... Perhaps a cloak was a little too much... for me. A little later I went to Bloomingdale's for the Propr launch [a new line by David Arquette, Ben Harper, and former Original Penguin creative director, David Bedwell] and they were offering a cloak this season too! 

This got me thinking about the outerwear option again... I could envision a mid length cloak working with the right color high top terminators... and maybe you could pull off a pair of rugged boots without it becoming too costumey.

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