Thursday, September 3, 2009


On September 28 Madonna will release her third greatest hits album with two new songs on it. The first single is named after the album title, Celebration. The second new song actually features Lil Wayne and is named Revolver. Of all the collaborations in this crazy world I never saw Lil Wayne and Madge.  I'm not mad, neither can make a bad song, but it will for sure be interesting to see how they sound together.  Pharrell's chill/ cool guy flow worked well with Momma M... I bet Weezie will put one of his calmer, lover swaggers on [a la Comfortable]. Not the flow where he says things that make no sense with the grezzy voice [most of his mixtapes]. 

Here's a clip of the new Celebration video. -Crack

Here's the song in it's entirety placed over rearranged footage of  Madge from the past few years.  Since it's not the actual video, but just as amazing, it can be -Heroin  

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