Monday, September 14, 2009


This year's VMAs were choc full of iconic moments:

The choreographed tribute to MJ was so on point, down to the costumes. 
Janet's tribute was emotional.
Wale was getting his Roots on.
Green Day did their thing.  I love Billie Joe's voice.
Jay's swag was undeniable.

But my favorite moments [mostly in style] were...

 madonna's Michael Jackson speech was honest and touching.

russell Brand was ridiculous [I'm still not sure in a good or bad way yet].  did you notice he was even sagging his tiote [not tight; but tiote] trousers? 

pink killed it acrobat style, singing upside down. impressive.

Kanye definitely disrespected with that stunt he pulled,  but I think I know why he went against better judgement....
the real point of this photo is to show what he is wearing. do you see how he is killing the leather button up with black 6" tims??

olivia Polermo on the red carpet hurting the cut out shoulders

With the most wardrobe changes of the night, Lady Gaga entertained  not only with outlandish outfits but also with a creative performance.
red carpet arrival
receiving her award for best new artist
in the audience towards the end of the show
in the press room 
her performance of Paparazzi was so fitting for an awards show dedicated to MJ. Not only did her choreography have a Thriller vibe to it, but it also told a story of someone rising to fame, getting torn down, and then worshiped once they're gone.

p.s.  If I had Lady Gaga's body , I would be bi-sexual too. you can't waist all that body on just one sex.

beyonce's Single Ladies performance was cool, but I really appreciated it when all the different dancers [black, white, blond, brunette] joined in. You truly understood the impact of this song on pop culture. B had almost every girl in America waving her hand at her bf this year.

and giving the moment back to Taylor... very classy. well done B.

finally, Ms. Keys looked sophisticated street with her french braid behind the piano.

all photos via MTV

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