Friday, September 25, 2009

Her Intentions Were Transparent [This Time]

Known for her intellectual interpretations of world issues, everybody expected Miuccia Prada to address the economy in her Spring 2010 collection. She, instead, designed a collection directly inspired by opposing high/ low lifestyles: "business to beach", "palazzos to popular", Barney's to Target.  I'm not surprised by Prada's unpredictable behavior though. The luxury line is also known to be a trend leader, so while everybody is thinking about the current recession, Momma M is thinking about future, better days. No hidden political agenda, just transparent accessories, raw edges, and photo real images inspired by a man-made Japanese resort. Innocent hair and make up completed the simplistic tone. When asked what the deal was, Prada responded,  "When things are bad, you have to come out from that. Optimism is a choice."

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