Sunday, September 20, 2009

Consistent To Say The Least

Last week I stumbled upon the most awesomist of awesomist stores ever!
The Reformation, located at 143 Ludlow Street L.E.S. Manhattan.  

I was first drawn to the store because almost everything in it was black [Lord knows I try to inject color into my wardrobe, but black keeps calling me].  Upon entrance and a thorough once-over of the store, I noticed they offered some really different pieces. Like those understated, easy pieces you always say or think would be cool, but can never find when you are shopping and almost think you need to just make it yourself since you are never going to find them, type of pieces. My favorite and most wearable styles at the store were the loose fitting silk short sleeve, shoulder padded half shirts and vintage t shirts pieced with mesh. They also offered some cool options in shorts, dresses and blazers, but I didn't dare try any of those on out of fear they might not fit [styles only come in one size and I just couldn't take the heartbreak that day]. The sales associate described the collection as dark, sexy, vintage rocker, and I agree. Somebody like Rihanna or Kat Von D could run all up and through this store.  The Reformation's shtick is that all the clothing offered on the sales floor are actually made in the back room.   Original designs are one size, one of a kinds and each vintage piece is modified one at a time to work with the brands vision. How sick is that?

I tried on a few hundred tops while bombarding the sales associate with questions. Finally I decided on a modified vintage raw silk half shirt with an exposed zipper in the back for $135 [ A little expensive, but seriously every girlfriend that has seen the top has loved it. It was totally worth it.]. I walked out the store happy as a clam to have an ill new shirt and be a part of this chicly simple, intimate fashion movement Love is Love will hopefully be a part of soon.

Four days later I'm getting dressed and decide to trow on this new woven shirt I got on sale at Urban Outfitters and guess what the brand name was... "Reformed". Apparently my beloved boutique, The Reformation, is not that quaint and has actually done a collab project of less expensive, vintage looking pieces with Urban Outfitters. After getting over the initial sense of shopper's betrayal, I looked further into the  collection offered at UO and I ended up super satisfied with both my purchases. Nothing close to what the boutique offered was at Urban, yet the UO's Reformed collection remained cute in a more mass market kind of way.

Guess I really do like  The Reformation's style.

item no. VG1044 from the reformation store

reformed silky tee from Urban Outfitters

their website [shown above] is down for construction

 The Reformation was first opened in LA by  Yael Aflalo [designer of Ya Ya] and Chi Bui. 6 moths later they opened the NY store. 

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