Sunday, September 27, 2009

Random Video Playlist

Started out looking for new videos. First one I saw was by Melanie Fiona and the song got stuck in my head. Then I read about this new girl, Bridget Kelly, that sang Empire State of Mind with Jay at the 911 concert.  She's cute, but didn't do the song justice, so I found the Alicia Keys version.  Then I saw Drake's new video for Forever . Interesting how they tied in LeBron James' basketball career, but it made me want to watch the Digital Girl video.

New Melanie Fiona, It Kills Me

Jay Z featuring Alicia Keys, Empire State of Mind MTV VMA Performance

I have no idea why it is cropping the video, so just listen. : P

Jamie Foxx featuring Drake, The Dream, and  Yezzey, Digital Girl

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