Monday, September 21, 2009


Selve, pronounced "Sell-Vay", is a German luxury footwear company that specializes in shoe customization. Customization, at this bespoke retailer, means fitted for your foot and styled to your look. Feet are first measured with a 3D scanner to determine what your foot size is and understand foot characteristics. Bunions and flat feet will be exposed at this point, but don't get too depressed. I'm sure the stylists have seen worse and  just think of how comfy your tootsies will be skipping through cobbled streets in your custom shoes, shaped to fit your foot.  You can also request additional cushioning. The second area of the individualization process is picking the style and deciding on every aesthetic point. Upper leather colors, lining color, heel shape, heel height, and out sole material are all up for discussion. One draw back, to some, may be that you have to go to the Selve showroom in Red Bank,  New Jersey for the first consultation, but I hear their space is adorable and they're located in New Jersey's version of SoHo [click here for address].

The shoe models Selve offers are classic [opposed to mega trendy] and priced from 395-620.  I think a timeless pair of properly fitted [and hopefully comfortable] shoes, that you customized to fit your style, are totally worth it.  You will wear the shoes for seasons to come. 

the Gemma model I designed online [i love multi textured black even more than I love black]

a multi colored Gemma with her friends at the Nolcha Accessories Lounge

selve also offers bespoke men's footwear 
ladies, if you are like me, you're totally scheming on these for yourself

Selve also offers a Boot Service in which they custom make knee high boots to fit individuals' legs.  Any woman who has had trouble finding knee high boots [which are a classic] to fit their shapely legs can  tell you 600 shillings  is worth it.


  1. Love your story & love the shoes & concept! I would take the train or ferry to Red Bank. Its a cool town and really not that far from the city. Fall is a great time to shop in Red Bank, there is so much to do there. It truly is like a Jersey SoHo gem.

  2. WOW!! What an amazing idea, every woman should
    purge their shoe closets and don't walk RUN to
    selve. I love the ferry, what a great excuse to
    enjoy a day on the water.