Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spring 2010 Fashion Week Street Style: Paris V. Milan

It was soo much easier to find cute pics out of Paris than Milan, so I'm gonna have to say Paris wins. They just had more variety and were playful. What do you think?


the only person wearing color 

love love loose blouses

bad ass style always gets my attention

well put together

straight out of a chic spy movie

hello cutie; simple but does the trick

doubles as a weapon

i currently love anything with shoulders

one of my fav hair styles

bicycle bad ass

peep the loose blouse with lace piecing

one day, if i keep the same bb, continue to collect obscure bracelets, and wear at least 3 rings at a time, my arm/hand will look like this


the cutest way to rock wacky leggings yet


cutie photo and illustrator garance d. 

even cloaks are getting shoulders

i love everything about this lady's swag

warm at the neck, tight at the wait, tassels on the shoes.... my kind of girl

chain belt

silly shoulders

dolce and gabbana pj set with chucks

texture for days

i never understood short sleeve coats, but she's making it work without looking like fool


love love the shorts

the color of the shoes... on the sand....

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