Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beyonce's Not The Only One That Can Switch Up A Look

On the cover and inside the October issue of XXL
The Sophisticated Street Boss

Issue 6 Arise Magazine photo shoot
The Trendy Businessman

"Check out my hair, these ain't curls, these is peas, peasie head still gets paid..."-Jay-Z

While hanging out with Oprah
The Smiling "Sweetie"

Jay-Z seemlessly adjusts his swag to fit the occasion. Just by looking at his wardrobe, you can see Jay is open to experimenting more with his style, but his mannerisms also switch up showing his growth and well roundedness. Hood dudes are smart and have soft sides to them. For XXL Jay wears all black structured pieces with shades. He stands tall like an unshakable boss on the cover and inside portraits, either, show him thinking or expressionless [you gots to have the ill poker face on the street]. In the Arise spread his confidence is pulled in more and the peasie hair and glasses make him look nerdy and innocent. With Oprah, Jay was all smiles in softer clothing [light weight hoodie in BK and a loose cardigan on he show] and kept it, politely, real with her.

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