Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Last of Spring

Winter weather is quickly decending upon us and theses spring collections ain't doing nothing to keep us warm. Warm weather collections begin to hit stores around March, so we have plenty of time to further discuss see-through apparel and accessories . I mark this as the last spring 2010 post... For a while beacuse you know if I see something crazy, I will forget about everything I just said and post it. So, let's "go out" with a BANGing high street lookbook, Stolen Girlfriends Club Spring 2010.

Hard to believe this delicious line all started from a long, narrow body white t shirt 3 bored surfers were dying to wear. The t shirt, that read "STOLEN GIRLFRIENDS CLUB SAYS RELAX", got so much media attention, the three Australia based dudes decided to run with it and started the clothing line, Stolen Girlfriends Club. [I wonder if all three of their girlfriends got stolen, or do they steal people's girls...]  While the brand continues to "keep the menswear going strong", the guys have began to introduce womens pieces into the collection admitting "girls are like shopping machines". The result, an andro high street collection that is neither freakish or corny.

background info: NYLON guys September 09 issue
images: stolengirlfriendsclub.com 

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