Friday, October 30, 2009


One of my favorite sneaker styles, The Nike Terminator, is featured in two new packs this Fall.

Matagi Terminator High Supreme
Matagi is a Japenes term referring to northern, large prey hunting tribes from the muntainous northern region of Japan.  The outside features animal hair and reinforced fabric.  The inside is linned with fur.
Now here comes the sad part: The Matagi Pack is only being released in Japan, but Japanese online retailer, Atmos, will be selling them.

Native A Terminators
One of the more ridgid Terminator styles [some come extra cushiony, but not this one] with a mostly suede upper and leather tongue. It is also offered in purple on black . Pops of color, on both color ways, come from the same Native American pattern at the back and the woolly rope laces.

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