Wednesday, October 14, 2009


As I start this new collection, I find myself thinking a lot about branding and logos. A brand name should be distinctive and roll easily off the tongue.  Tag lines should be catchy, yet descriptive that way people will remember your product and the phase like the hook of their favorite song.  The imagery should be something that will appropriately represent your company in a variety of circumstances, from letter head to apparel. These elements are all very important when defining a brands identity, but I think some people interpret [and some ad execs market] the messages in the the wrong the way. Products associated with luxury and style should be complementary additions to someone's lifestyle. Brands should not lusted for in hopes it will magically make you stylish or luxurious. NY artist  Hank Willis Thomas , explores the concept of this misguided marketing strategy, corrupting popular products, logos, and slogans to show what he really thinks they mean.

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