Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Andrew, the assistant from Kell on Earth, Shows off his extensive closet space and discusses his style.

Who knew he was such a high end collector?! Here I am writing off Gothic dressers as people who are O.K. with bad dye jobs and ill fitting thrift store pick ups and this dude owns Rick Owens boots and Givenchy loafers!? All in black of course. I don't think we even need to touch on the leggings collection do we? The fierceness pretty much jumped out of the spandex, bounced off Andrew twice [like a double kiss] and then through the screen. Let this be a lesson to all of us: Never blanket judge a style genre by the riffraff you see on the street every day. Instead, wait until a member of the clan in question appears on t.v. giving tours of their lavish closets and then draw a conclusion.

*One thing that was super funny was hearing Andrew use bubbly words to describe his apparel, yet maintain a monotone voice.  ha. ha.

*** And you may notice this is the second time today I am mentioning People's Revolution... Sorry, I love Kell on Earth. I'm totally a fan of Kelly Cutrone and her tribe. I'm even reading her book... And it's so good I can confirm to you I will write a post about it before I even finish it. It's that deep. *straight face*

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