Sunday, March 21, 2010


Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Vaya store grand opening in Ridgewood, Queens. Vaya is a handmade bike messenger bag and accessories brand that works with recycled materials. Owned and operated by Tianna Meilinger, Vaya is known for their custom orders  and has shown for years at craft shows around the country. Ridgewood is not only the new home to the brand's new retail space and work studio, but it's also the designer's actual neighborhood [She lives 3 blocks away from the shop]. The cozy location, beautiful day, amazing designs, and  Tia's tattooed friends made the store opening an awesome one.

 The designer, Tia, with some bags and her husband, Joe, in the background.

Bike Tube, Patchwork, and Woven Bike Tube bags 

examples of Vaya custom work

 Customized standard wide messenger bag and Bike Tube Laptop Bag
Styles with the recycled bike tubing are my favorites.

Vaya bag cake. It was so yummy! 

At an indie bike bag store opening you would expect some tats to be flashed, but Vaya Bag fans were straight out of LA Ink. Pics after jump.

 Sugar Skull, Cupcakes and Cookies
the cookie and the cupcake are in love!

Children's Book Favorites 

Brooklyn Brownstones

Landscape Armband 

Chest Piece 

Tribute to Her Grandpa 
 his name was Teddy

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