Sunday, March 28, 2010


Continuing in Part One Fashion, Erykah Badu employed artist Emek for the New Amerykah Part Two- Return of the Ankh album artwork. Emek was directly inspired by the lyrics of the second New Amerykah, lacing each inch with symbolism. In the center, Badu is illustrated in large scale with armor on to protect her against the harsh realities of the world and from the top of her head grows the tree of life with a nude version of herself climbing up it and out of her own mind. Her nudity represents her rebirth and the purple color of the tree and sky symbolize the 7th chakra-the crown chakra that stands for peace, wisdom, and spirituality. The ripples at the top of the image could be from Badu "summoning the vibrations of the universe" or it could be that the whole scene takes place underwater. Behind the armored Erykah is the rubble of the wrongness in the world [imbalanced politics] but out of that grows lush exotic plant life. 
There is still hope.
Three things remain important to Badu: her music, lover, and her babies.
This inspired Emek to illustrate in three's:
3 moons
3 hidden babies
3 trees
3 ankhs
 Really inspiring to see musical and graphic artists operate on the same wavelengths. 

Can't wait to see what other illustrations the album artwork may hold.
New Amerykah Part Two- Return of the Ankh set to release 3.30.10 [this Tuesday]
 Songs to look out for:
Get Munny
Out of my Mind, Just in Time 

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