Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I was watching the beginning like yo, this totally reminds me of MJ's video/ mini movie for Beat It, then she did the shuffle, step out [when she was leaving the prison] just like him and it totally confirmed the reference. I particularity love her interpretation of prison stripes, chains, and the work out yard. Older female body buliders as guards, inmates working out in heels, the smoking shades... all genius. When Gag meets up with B the theme switches to a Quentin Tarantino vibe with the Pussy Wagon [from Kill Bill- a feminist classic] and the diner from Pulp Fiction. I, of course, love that they kill everyone and get away in the Pussy Wagon. The name of the car works even better with two girls in it.

My favorite looks from Beyonce were the jeweled, old school soldier's jacket with cut offs and the bee keepers outfit. Her face looked really pretty through the veil... My favorite looks from Gaga were the beer can hair, and the waitress outfit [with the phone cord as a headband, receiver as an eye piece, vinyl dress and cast boots]

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