Monday, March 22, 2010


1. Tre Love Brooch. Three mirror hearts overlapping with chains draped over, through, and under them.
2. Stacked Sweater Pin. Chains run through stacked mirror hearts to create each base. Mutli-textured chains connect them.
3. Two Piece, One Love Pin. A small heart connects to two stacked larger hearts with multi-textured chains.
4. Hell-Raising Type of Love Pin. Two piece pin made of a single studded heart that connects to two stacked hearts with multi-textured chains. The bottom layer of the stacked hearts is encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Can be worn on one side or as a sweater pin.

The first style, Tre Love, was designed out of necessity. I made a jacket without a logo and needed another way to brand/ accessorize it but, I was so inspired by the materials, I continued to come up with ideas even after the need was filled. I also recently became interested in sweater pins and was determined to create a more modern version. The result is a 4 piece collection of shimmering broaches that features crystal clear, reflective surfaces, unique chain textures and dual wearability. The most extravagant piece from the collection also features metal spikes and Swarovski crystals. Each pin is handmade and built of three hearts, representing the three love's in the brand name.

Additional detail and buying options available at the love is love, love online shop []

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