Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I wasn't sure how I was going to like this, as I didn't really get the first version [ I think because I didn't really relate to the O.G. artists and was too young to understand the movement], but this video moved me.

The children dancing were adorable.
I am a new fan of J Hud's music, she sounded great, but it was a little weird how her and Nicole looked at each other...
Tony Bennett's contribution was so classy
I'm so happy Mike was still in it!
Barbara S. put her stank on it.
I can't say I have ever heard Miley Cirus sing before, but I liked what I heard
Adam Levin was cool
Pinks solo was such a good look. She is going to be a legend.
Celin Dion is my girl; she can sang.
LiL Wayne's solo was cute
I don't, however, understand why T-Pain had to use the autotune
I love that they included a rap section into the song. Really shows how far hip-hop has come
The arrangement of each of their voices was perfect. Each artist complemented the voice before them seemlessly without anyone sacrificing their own style.
So cool.
I'm buying the song

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