Friday, February 12, 2010

R I P M c Q U E E N

Yesterday morning it was reported that legendary British Designer, Alexander McQueen was dead at the age of 40. According to CNN, the London Police are not considering the death "suspicious" [whatever that means]. Wendy Williams and report the designer actually committed suicide. Whatever the circumstances surrounding his death may be, this is a major blow to the fashion community. McQueen was the definition of high end avant-gardism for the past 15 years, constantly pushing others in his category to step their game up. It is saddening to think there will be no further contributions from the ever-inspiring designer, but I am also impressed with the legacy his brand and his talent leaves behind. His pieces will undoubtedly become, if not already, collectables.

Below is a recent interview the designer did discussing the current climate of high fashion and it's shows.

And I literally just blogged about the genius of McQueen's spring 2010 footwear collection. You can see that post [here].  He was set to show his Fall 2010 collection in Paris this March. I wonder how that will be handled...

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