Friday, February 26, 2010


The past fashion week hosted in NY [Feb 11-18/ the last fashion week to be held at the Bryant Park] was sprinkled with snow forcing fashion followers to be, both, practical and chic.
Too Cool: It's now totally ok to wear sweats outside of the two block radius around your crib
  Rabbit fur with pop-over mittens: Unexpectedly cute
*not sure about the 2nd coat and other layering pieces*
 Homegirl does look a little razz-ma-tazz, but a sense of ferocity exudes from her
being sassy in sweats is a true calling

Heeled duck boots: Instinctively, I assume these are Dsquared, but I'm not totally sure
Anna Winteezzy in the fur trimmed trench: Not necessarily street, but I love her pimp hand

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