Sunday, January 3, 2010


While most people regard the beginning of a new year as a fresh start, stylistics [thats people who are into fashion] know it's, ironically, the apparel industry's down time. Fall/ Winter collections debuted in stores dumb long ago and have be talked and worn for months now. Holiday collections were all the buzz before the holidays, so they are now old news and probably on sale already. BUT winter actually just started two weeks ago, and it's freezing in NY, so it feels wrong to even mention Spring 2010. While the fashion media hunt for new material to hold them over for the next two months, most designers are putting the finishing touches on their Fall 2010 collection to show this February. Are you as flustered about what time of year it actually is as I am right now? I remain very aware of them, but try not to take fashion [or even calendar seasons] too seriously. As a consumer, I buy what is appropriate for the weather, on sale or not [*unless it's a to die for piece that I know will not be there when it's time to actually wear it] and as a designer I try to cater to the season climate at hand.

With that said I'm here making sassy, warm jackets because it's cold, they're warm, and no other brand can make a varsity jacket fit a woman the way I can [wink]. While I start to fill orders and complete the last design in the premier Love is Love Love Varsity Jacket Collection, I have also been developing trim for inside and outside of the jackets as well as keeping my mind open to spring inspiration. In a nutshell here's what has been going through my little brain...

Lucien Lelong [an OG Parisian couturier] main label.
I love the delicate, hand application

a scene from SITC 2
Do you see what Samantha is wearing on her shoulder?
spiked, with chains hanging= bad ass

random, but I think this lighter chamber,
from thehideoutstore, is so cool
thinking, thinking, thinking...

cardigan clips! I am so obsessed with these right now....
spotted this display at the Bust Craftaculater last month

Givenchy Fall 09 couture
totally redefining the cardigan clip

chain shoulder pads from the Zara holiday lookbook
Ya think I like chain details a little? ... Yea


script chain appliqué at varsity jacket's inside neck
-main label proto

brooch protos on an unfinished blue snake
I like some of them...

J. Lo performing on so you think you can dance
Just loving the draped chains over the shoulder
-inTouch mag tear

safety pinned floral brooches on a cocktail dress.
I immediately didn't like the look, but something about the exposed pins intrigues me
what do you think?
-inTouch mag tear


clinging t shirt dress
I think I posted this pic before, but I love it so much I'll do it again!
so simple so sexy,
fabric and fit is everything
-inTouch mag tear
exposed zip down the back
sort of played out, but becoming a classic detail
[that I have never had the chance to try and am dieing too]
 -dress detail from urbanoutfitters

the return of wide straps

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