Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wu Vernaular

I have like a photographic memory for not only what is said around me, but how it is said. I'm not talking about the foreign accent a person might have though, it's more about the individuals choice of words and delivery. Slurring, inventing phrases, making weird noises and rearranging words in a sentence [a lot of Europeans do this when speaking English]: All things I love when done a certain way. Although grammatically incorrect, it's a huge way to express your individuality and honest personality trumps being proper any day in my book [being polite is still important tho].  One group of people I love to hear speak [not rhyme] is the Wu Tang Clan, especially Raekwon, Ghostface and Method Man [a la Belly]. They say the most off the wall, lewd, made-up expressions, yet we all understand and sometimes relate to exactly what they mean.

A perfect example of this is's recent footage of Raekwon speaking to Kool G Rap

Favorite quotes:
"ya name is always in my grab bag, brotha"
"we gonna make glass happen, kid"
"mold a fella"
"when they still around bustin they riffle"
Plus the appriciation and humbled love in chef's voice.
Out of control cockiness officially went out of style when Kanye jumped stage at the last VMAs.

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