Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Last Sunday I checked out Bust magazine's one day holiday craft fair at the Metropolitan Pavilion. It was definitely not your moms flea market. The crowd was young and hip and the products were assorted and quirky. Animal print chocolates, mean greeting cards, refurbished vintage medallions, epoxy food pins, angry women art and all types of jewelry... It was awesome! Like every little thing you would hunt for at a hometown street fair was all in one place in plain sight. While I found myself is awe of almost all the wares on display, one vendor stuck in my mind, New York Couture. A small clothing line run by a cutie named Cassie K. The line has been featured on MTV, WWD, and on Katty Perry to name a few places and people. I love the way the collection combines humor, glamor and badass sexuality.  To compliment the super creative designs, Cassie K casts the perfect models, applies amazing hair and makeup and selects picture perfect locations for her photo shoots. Maybe I love the looks so much because they look like Fafi illustrations come to life.


the New York Couture product range is thick and often one of a kind
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lillian crowe jewelry

clare bare lingerie 
tider design necklaces

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