Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Chris Rock Documentary

Chris Rock adds laughter to the very serious conversation of black women and their hair. African American Female cultural influencers Mya Angelo, Nia Long, Salt N' Pepper, Raven Simone, Megan Good, Karen Steffens, and Lauren London all sit down to talk about the extreme measures they take to have what is considered "good hair".  Even better Chris Rock talks to men about how they take care of their long locks (I have witnessed some crazy man hair care routines) and what it's like to be with women so concerned with their mane. 

My favorite quotes from the movie so far:
"Creamy Crack"
"Weave sex is a little awkward...." 
"So you can lay-a-way the weave?"
Anything Paul Mooney might say

Want a foundation on the controversy surrounding "Good Hair" before seeing  Chris Rock's movie?

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  1. i've been waiting forever to see this movie. as a black woman w/ processed hair, it's nice to see an open dialogue of the topic on the main screen for all to see. far too many times have i had non-black women ask me questions about my hair and the hair of others like me. hopefully, my people won't be the only ones in the theater.