Friday, August 21, 2009

I Love TV

I used to have a life. Then I got a boyfriend and cable. I kid, I have a little bit of a life, but I definitely was more productive and ready to hang until all hours of the night before I got these boxes attached to my televisions. To ensure I maintain some type of human contact I only allow myself to go as far as Family Cable. That package includes basic cable and channels like Bravo, E!, TLC, BET, MTV, and Spike, not the Premium Channels like Showtime, HBO, and VH1 Soul. So, within my lil Family Package, here's what's got me so addicted...

Oh Wendy how I love your show.  Let me count the ways...
1. You are a mess and openly admit it, lifting wigs on television and everything.
2. You conviently comes on three times a day.  That is if baseball isn't on MY9. 
3. Those intense faces you make while interviewing.  
4. They call out what you wear in every episode on the show blog.  I imagine you reading fan emails and saying "You know what? Just tell them what I wear everyday, so they can all stop asking the same daym question!"

I know Im not the only one who loves her show since seats in her audience are booked solid through December.

This show is an inspiraration to me.  Beautiful women handling their business while having fun and looking fabulous.  And how SICK is the "Khloe After Dark" promo pic?

This  TLC show is cool because it shows how dynamic women are.  One second they are on the phone with their children and the next they are busting in someone's door.  While that example is a bit dramatic, it's real.  Women, in general, wear a lot of hats.  All four women are pretty attractive too.

The All Stars

So far I have only watched the all star show. None of the show pieces from the TV special moved me, but you have got to give the designers props on "making it work" in a week. Those sleepless nights in the work room are no joke. I plan to catch up on the first episode of the sixth season via rerun. I was a little nervous about the show moving to lifetime... for some reason I thought it would lose some sexy, but I must say so far the show seems even more put together.

So, right now new episodes of the Atlanta franchise are airing and I haven't seen one episode. I'm waiting for season three of New York.  Guess I'm in  a New York state of mind. 

Late Night: Roseanne

Blue collar comedy at its finest. If it wasn't for reruns of this show on TV Land, I don't know what I would watch between the hours of 1am-5am.
P.S. look how cute Roseanne is getting as she gets older... Hey cutie!

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