Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Me? I been cooking these clothes, taggin 'em and, selling em kidd.

Last, last weekend I did a sale in my hometown. The love is love, love brooches just about sold out and the ladies really appreciated the craftsmanship.

Then, last Friday, I did the Run & Eat Radio Show with ehTMills and Nerdii. You can listen to the show Archive [here] while you continue you to read. Big Thanks to the homie, J-Bird for putting me on.

All this was a build up to THE BIG WEEKEND. August 21 and 22 I had two shows in two days in two diffent spots and would be selling at the Hester Street Fair for the first time. I was geeked...
Saturday [the 21st] was cool. The product was tight. The crowd was loving it.
I, of course, took pics when no one was around so you would think I was lying
[I'll get the hang of it all eventually ; P]


That's Ty [partner no. 3/ The Muscle] and that's official logo in the bg!


Then we woke up to the ill clouds [the type that said there is definetly a change of rain today nucka!] on Sunday and had to cancel Hester Street : (.

Sooooo stay tuned for the new Hester Street Fair Dates 
while I start looking into Fall and start sharing some of that ; )

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