Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Almost 20 years deep with two New York City stores  and the Built by Wendy brand is still not a household name. That's cool tho because they pride themselves on their low key brand profile and cult following. In other words, they don't give a daym if you know who they are cause they gets money.  I was put on to Wendy in college when I asked a classmate where she got her adorable [she was a size 1 so they were small and cute] jeans from and then a recent mag feature reminded me of them. Built by Wendy actually does get quite a bit of press but, like so many great things in the whirlwind that is fashion, only gets a slice of the limelight.

Here's the Spring 2010 lookbook and product shots of my favorite pieces.
I love the art studio shoot.  I think almost every designer's ideal customer is a thin, rich, creative type.

All the pieces are on SALE NOW at builtbywendy.com

P.S. They also do guys stuff- City street chic Americana pieces- I'd let my boyfriend wear 'em.

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