Wednesday, June 9, 2010


M.I.A. has been busy with June/ July photoshoots and interviews in The New York TimesComplex and most recently Nylon.

The Times-

The shoot took place all over NYC focusing more on location than the fashion. Her face looks pretty and there is some cool imagery in there.


The styling in this shoot with Complex seemed to play off M.I.A.'s Indian heritage... a little cliche.

Tims and leggings

I'm feeling the gear, but my girl looks sleepy as hell in these pics.

In addition to so-so fashion reviews on her gear,  M.I.A. received madd flack on comments she made about Google and war in the interviews. I, personally, like her for her music and clothing style and never  put to much stock into what anybody says publicly. On a more relevant tip, she has a third album on it's way out.

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