Tuesday, May 25, 2010



While my extended absentance has left many things to catch up on, it is undeniable the most pertinent thing to discuss is the looming release of The Sex and the City Movie Sequel. It's everywhere! Buses covered with the movie stills, the news is counting down it's release and department stores are pushing promotions. The A-list premiere in NY was last night. She is has a touching review of the amostphere and the movie. The Film will be released nationally this Thursday, May 27th, but I think I'm going to hold out until my birthday June 1st [mark it on your calender], to sit and luxuriate in the fabulousity of it all.

Like I commented after viewing the trailer, Samantha's gear has me the most excited. Her zany yet provocative style seems to have reached a new level haute individualism.  I hope all her good looks weren't waisted in the previews! I'm in love with the Chanel cap with the head cape she is wearing in the above pics. Plus the encrusted canteen on the hip. Only Samantha could find the proper occasion to pull off such a piece. Charlotte's outfit reads "I just paid too much for American Apparel pieces", so I'm going to move on... I'm feeling Carrie's head wrap with the sash and then the gauzey shirt over the white draped evening gown. Total modern twist on the iconic middle eastern silhouette, but I need to see the feet to know if I love the look for sure. I'm actually also feeling Miranda's ensemble, sometimes Pat Field does Miranda dirty on the style tip [but the style snags totally fit Miranda's character]. What really sets M-Daddy's outfit off: That orange cape- so ridiculous it's right.

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